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2003 Iraq War American troops kill Saddam Hussein’s two sons, Uday and Qusay, during a raid on a home in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

1991 Jeffrey Dahmer Milwaukee police find human body parts in his apartment. He admitted to killing and dismembering 17 men.

 1980 TV Strike The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Screen Actors Guild go on strike, delaying the start of the fall TV season. The strike ended October 3.

1933 First around-the-world solo flight is completed, by Wiley Post in the Winnie Mae.  The flight began on July 15.

1932 Federal Home Loan Bank Board is established, supervise and regulate savings institutions.

1861 Civil War Congress declares that the war is not being fought to end slavery, but to preserve the Union.

1587 Lost Colony of Roanoke A group of 117 colonists land on Roanoke Island.  A month later, the first English child born in the Americas was born there.  Three years later, a relief party would return to the colony to find all of the colonists missing. The only clue to their fate was the word “CROATOAN” carved on a post.


1973 Ronald Ray Howard d. 2005 American criminal, “Rap Music Killer.” He was executed for the 1992 murder of a state trooper. He claimed the anti-police rap music he was listening to made him to do it.

1964 John Leguizamo Emmy-winning Columbian actor. Film: Spawn (1997, Clown/Violator) and Ice Age (2002, voice of Sid).

1964 David Spade American actor, comedian. TV: Saturday Night Live (1990-96) and Just Shoot Me! (1997), Film: Tommy Boy (1995), Joe Dirt (2001).

1955 Willem Dafoe American actor. Film: Platoon (1986, Sgt. Elias), Mississippi Burning (1988), The Last Temptation of Christ (1988, title role), and Spider-Man (2002, Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin).

1947 Don Henley American drummer, with The Eagles, Take It Easy (1972), Hotel California (1976, #1), and Smuggler’s Blues (1985).

1947 Albert Brooks (Albert Einstein), American actor, writer, and brother of Super Dave Osborne.

1946 Danny Glover American actor. Film: Lethal Weapon (1987) and Antz (1998, voices of various ants).

1940 Alex Trebek Canadian-born game show host. TV: The $128,000 Question and Jeopardy!

1934 Louise Fletcher American Oscar-winning actress. TV: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Kai Winn Adami). Film: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975, Oscar, evil Nurse Ratched).

1932 Oscar de la Renta Spanish fashion designer.

1928 Orson Bean (Dallas Frederick Burrows), American comic, quiz-show panelist. TV: To Tell the Truth.

1923 Bob Dole American politician, Senator (R-Kansas, 1969-96), Senate Minority Leader.

1898 Alexander Calder d. 1976 American sculptor, painter. He invented the mobile (1931). He is one of the most famous artists of the 20th century.

1890 Rose Kennedy d. 1995 American first mother, mother of John F. Kennedy.

1888 Selman Abraham Waksman d. 1973 Ukrainian-born American Nobel-winning microbiologist. While a professor at Rutgers University, he and student Albert Schatz discovered streptomycin, the first antibiotic to successfully treat tuberculosis (1944). He also coined the term “antibiotic,” which means “against life.”

1888 Floretta McCutcheon d. 1967 American bowler. Although considered the greatest woman bowler of all time, she had never held a bowling ball until she was 33.

1887 Gustav Hertz d. 1975 German quantum physicist. He and James Franck received the Nobel Prize for Physics (1925) for confirming the quantum theory that energy can be absorbed by an atom only in definite amounts.

1884 Rev. William Archibald Spooner d. 1930 Spoonerisms are named after him (The reversal of parts of words in a sentence). He once called Queen Victoria “queer old dean” and asked if it was “kisstomary to cuss the bride.”

1849 Emma Lazarus d. 1887 American poet who wrote the poem that appears on the Statue of Liberty.

1822 Gregor Johann Mendel d. 1884 Austrian monk, botanist. His experiments with the garden pea constitute the basis of modern genetics. His work was all but ignored until 1900.

1784 Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel d. 1846 German astronomer. He was the first to measure the distance to a star other than the Sun (1838, 61 Cygni at 11.4 light years).

1519 Innocent IX d. 1591 Italian religious leader, 230th Pope (Oct. – Dec. 1591).

On This Day (June 3rd)

2004 Iraq War CIA Director George Tenet resigns.

1993 Ireland approves the sale of condoms They were removed from the official list of birth-control devices, making them available for sale in vending machines.

1972 First U.S. woman Rabbi 25-year-old Sally Jane Priesand is ordained at Wise Temple of Cincinnati, Ohio.

1949 First woman Treasurer of the U.S Georgia Neese Clark is nominated by Pres. Truman.

1937 The Duke of Windsor marries American divorcee Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson. He gave up his throne as King of England (1936) to marry her.

1916 Mary Edwards Walker’s Medal of Honor is revoked She was the first woman to receive the Medal of Honor. It was reinstated in 1977.

1888 Casey at the Bat The famous poem by Ernest L. Thayer is first published.

1851 First baseball team to wear uniforms The New York Knickerbockers.