President Harding and Babe Ruth

On This Day (July 30th)

On This Day (June 3rd)

2004 Iraq War CIA Director George Tenet resigns.

1993 Ireland approves the sale of condoms They were removed from the official list of birth-control devices, making them available for sale in vending machines.

1972 First U.S. woman Rabbi 25-year-old Sally Jane Priesand is ordained at Wise Temple of Cincinnati, Ohio.

1949 First woman Treasurer of the U.S Georgia Neese Clark is nominated by Pres. Truman.

1937 The Duke of Windsor marries American divorcee Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson. He gave up his throne as King of England (1936) to marry her.

1916 Mary Edwards Walker’s Medal of Honor is revoked She was the first woman to receive the Medal of Honor. It was reinstated in 1977.

1888 Casey at the Bat The famous poem by Ernest L. Thayer is first published.

1851 First baseball team to wear uniforms The New York Knickerbockers.

On This Day (March 7th)

1960 Jack Paar The Tonight Show host returns to the show. He had walked out a month earlier after a water closet joke had been censored.

1953 Christine Jorgensen is selected “Woman of the Year” by the Scandinavian Societies of Greater New York. She was previously George Jorgensen before a sex-change operation.

1927 A Texas law prohibiting blacks from voting in primary elections is ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.

1926 First radio conversation between New York and London.

1917 First jazz record The Original Dixieland Jazz Band releases Livery Stable Blues.  It sold a million copies.

1912 First non-stop flight from Paris to London French aviator Henri Seimet makes the journey in three hours.

1911 U.S. Secretary of the Interior Richard Ballinger, resigns after charges of favoritism in granting claims to Alaskan coal lands.

1894 First commercial motion picture production A Kinetoscope film by Edison Laboratories of strongman Eugene Sandow.

1876 Alexander Graham Bell receives a patent for his telephone.

On This Day (February 22nd)

Feast Day of the Chair of Peter a liturgical expression of the belief in the episcopacy and hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

1990 Milli Vinilli The duo wins the Best New Artist Grammy for their album Girl You Know It’s True.  The Grammy was later revoked when it was discovered that they didn’t perform on the album.

1989 First Grammy Award for Rap D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (Jeff Townes and Will Smith) win for Parents Just Don’t Understand.

1983 U.S. announces that it will buy out property owners in dioxin-tainted Times Beach, Missouri

1980 Miracle on Ice: In Lake Placid, New York, the United States hockey team defeats the Soviet Union hockey team 4-3.

1943 USS Iowa The battleship is commissioned.  In 1943 it became the only U.S. Navy ship with a bathtub; which was installed to accommodate Pres. Roosevelt who would have had difficultly using a shower.

1928 Ku Klux Klan announces they are shedding their masks and changing their name to Knights of the Green Forest.

1879 Frank W. Woolworth opens his first store, in Utica, New York. All the merchandise was priced at 5¢. It failed almost immediately, so he found a new location and tried again.

1856 First national meeting of the Republican Party is held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1819 Florida Purchase Treaty signed, the U.S. acquires Florida from Spain.

1630 Popcorn The settlers get their first taste of the treat, a gift from the Indian Quadequina.