President’s Day 2016


USA Fast Fact of the Day

Not only was Ronald Reagan the oldest person ever elected president at
age of 69, he has lived longer than any former president ever has, and has died
at the age of 93. We will love you dearly, Mr. President!

On This Day (January 17th)

1994 Danny Partridge and Donny Osmond slug it out Danny Bonaduce (who played Danny Partridge on the TV series) wins a 2-1 decision over singer Donny Osmond in a charity boxing match.

1993 Jack in the Box food poisoning The Washington State Health Department confirms that an outbreak of E. coli infections is linked to the fast-food restaurants. Three children died and more than 500 people were sickened by the outbreak.

1989 Patrick Edward Purdy a former student, opens fire on the Cleveland Elementary School, killing five students, and later killing himself.

1986 Iran-Contra Affair Pres. Reagan signs a secret order authorizing exceptions to the Iranian arms embargo.

1984 Recording TV broadcasts with your VCR is ruled legal by the U.S. Supreme Court.

1981 Pres. Reagan throws the most expensive inaugural celebration in American history, costing $11 million.

1975 Baretta debuts on ABC.

1950 Brink’s robbery They are robbed in Boston by masked bandits of $2.8 million of which $1.2 million was cash.

1929 Popeye The cartoon character makes his debut.

1917 Treaty purchasing the Virgin Islands from Denmark, for the sum of $25,000,000, is ratified by the U.S.

1871 Cable streetcar patented Andrew Hallidie receives a patent for his streetcar; the first one went into operation 2½ years later in San Francisco.